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Deer Gentleman Matai and Bird Polk

Deer Gentleman Matai is a specimen who greatly admires Bird Polk’s ability to fly freely. Polk comes andrests on Matai’s antlers and tells him interesting stories out there everyday.


However, as the admiration turns
into envy, the smile on Matai’s look starts to change...


Artist’s word: You can choose either to be bounded by the social norms like the deer or to be as freely as the bird.

Secret: Actually, the deer is a goat that resembles a deer. You can see the real him by taking off his antlers and
looking from a distance. Like an old said: Don’t judge a book by its cover too soon.

Size: 350(L) x 225(W) x 135(H) mm
Without the antlers: 350(L) x 225(W)x 135(H) mm
Material: Poly
Weight: 2.1-2.3kg

Made in Taiwan
Content: statue, wood box, certificate, cotton bag
The products are a limited edition run of 300.

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