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Hound Harley and Frog Tyrone (Bookends / doorstop)

Harley and Tyrone are good friends living in a forest. They hang out and picnic everyday. However, what is behindtheir happy life is a secret - They were once human brothers.


They were alienated by the villagers due to some misunderstandings and

were very disappointed in the humanity and wished to leave the human society.
God responded to their wish and turned them into a hound and a frog.

They live happily ever after in the naturewith other animals.

Color: Grey/White cement
Size: 120(L) x 160(W) x 155(H) mm
Material: Poly/Cement
Weight: 1.5-1.7kg

Made in Taiwan
Content: statue, wood box, certificate, cotton bag
The products are a limited edition run of 300.

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