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Gnome 30

To celebrate its second anniversary, "叁拾選物" has partnered with "Together" to create a 1:1 replica of a "Gnome 30" fragrance candle. Inspired by the movie "Amelie's World," the goal is to continuously collect daily necessities from all over the world, just like the forest gnomes in the book "Forest Gnome," who have a lifespan of 275 years and are about 14-15 cm tall.


The "Gnome 30" replica is dressed in a jacket with the number 30 on it and makes a playful "YA" hand gesture, symbolizing the two-year anniversary. The gnomes remind us to always work hard with a smile, just like them, and to create our own ideal world little by little. This limited edition "Gnome 30" replica is designed and planned by "叁拾選物," hand-carved by "Together," and comes with a handmade printed paper box packaging, making it a perfect gift for the end of the year.

Color/fragrance: Beige/Autumn Daisy; Pink/Love bath time
Size: 80(L) x 73(W) x 100(H) mm

Made in Taiwan
Material: candles

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